"Ballet in Motion is an incredible tool for both students and teachers alike. It gives students the opportunity to learn and study from a format that appeals to different learning styles. The video demonstrations coupled with the written definitions and descriptions help students to process information in different ways, thus providing higher comprehension. Because ballet is such a highly detailed dance form, having a resource for dancers to refer back to is invaluable. This program makes it easy for instructors to give resources outside the classroom to students who need help with specific movement concepts or vocabulary. Ballet in Motion brings learning into the 21st century, not only because it is digital, but also because of the well-rounded expertise Jennifer Bader provides. I highly recommend this program to any student, teacher, or enthusiast looking to deepen their knowledge of ballet dancing."

Allison Doughty Marquesen, MA, HHC
Certified Holistic Health and Nutrition Coach, Dancer, Choreographer, Educator