Soutenu En Tournant En Dedans

Soutenu en tournant (aka soutenu) begins from an “open” position, such as pointe tendu devant, or arabesque. Soutenu en tournant should appear as though the weight is equally distributed between both legs and feet. However, the new front leg carries slightly less weight, which assists the transition of the turn to appear smooth. Always turn in the direction where your legs aren’t crossed. Example: If your right leg is in the front you’ll turn to the left.

To perform soutenu en tournant (en dedans):

  • Begin with the right leg front and perform battement tendu à la seconde en plié.
  • This turn will turn towards the supporting leg and will finish in sous-sus, with the left leg in front of the right leg.
  • From pointe tendu à la seconde en plié, rise directly up to sous-sus and turn though sous-sus through a small 1st position en demi-pointe to finish the turn in sous-sus.
  • The “new” front leg (the left leg) adjusts for the turn.