Centre Battement Tendu with ¼ Turn Using 8 Directions in Space

When performing battement tendu with a ¼ turn, keep your weight over the ball of the supporting leg foot when performing the turn. Always adjust the heel of the supporting leg foot never adjust the toes of the supporting leg foot. When pivoting, the battement tendu (opening of the leg) and the ¼ turn occur at the same time.

Following the “Soviet System” this pattern uses the nine directions of space in a studio or on stage.

  • Crossed line: The audience views a crossed line: Croisé Devant, Croisé Derrière
  • Open line: The audience views an open line: Effacé Devant, Effacé Derrière
  • Diagonal line: The audience views a line on the diagonal: Écarté Devant, Écarté Derrière
  • Face front (En Face): The audience view is face front: À La Seconde, À La Quatrième Devant, À La Quatrième Derrière